Clinical Data

Study Objective: The objective of the clinical use survey study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of DiabaSens® base in men to increased sensitivity of skin.

Study Design: A total of 14 subjects were enrolled in this study. Once the enrollment period is completed, each patient was given DiabaSens® base to apply twice daily on the affected skin for 2 weeks. After the two weeks subjects were instructed to use as needed or once a day

Study Result: A total of 14 users were enrolled in this study. Based on the clinical report forms (CRFs), 8 users reported history of diabetes. Clinical efficacy evaluation and safety analysis were performed for all patients who used the product at least once. Survey data analyses indicate that at baseline, the average mean skin sensitivity was rated at 2.57±0.34 (N=14). At the end of the use period, the mean penile sensitivity was 5.07±0.38 (N=14) (scale 1-10)